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Team Coding - Team Coding Dashboard

Team Coding Viewer and Code Collections are combined in to the new Team Coding Dashboard. The Team Coding Dashboard may be accessed from the Team Coding Toolbar, with the same icon as the Team Coding Viewer, or from the menu item under Utilities-Team Coding - Team Coding Dashboard. For the most part, modal dialogs in Team Coding have been replaced, enabling the user to navigate to other windows from Team Coding.

The following feature changes are associated with the Dashboard.

  1. Code Collections is now a tab on the Team Coding Dashboard and no longer opens as a modal dialog.
  2. The Team Coding viewer window is now a tab called ‘Controlled Objects’ on the Team Coding Dashboard.
  3. The ‘Create new revision…;’ and ‘Compile latest revision…’ dialogs now open as a tab on the Team Coding Dashboard. The ‘Options’ windows for these actions are integrated in to the tab, and no longer open as modal dialogs.
  4. In addition to creating a revision from Code Collections, you can create a new revision for objects from the 'Controlled Objects’ tab (old Viewer), by selecting the objects and clicking the ‘Create Revision’ icon. This is available even Team Coding does not use Code Collections.
  5. Can do a ‘Compare DB to VCS’ for selected objects in the ‘Controlled Objects’ tab. This will open any objects with differences between VCS and Database in the 'Create Revision window, with the ability to browse the Diff. Viewer for selected objects.
  6. Can perform a 'Compare Contents…’ on multiple objects from the ‘Controlled Objects’ tab. This will open all selected objects in the ‘Create Revision’ window with the ability to browse the Diff Viewer for selected objects.
  7. Double Click on an object in the ‘Controlled Objects’ tab will open the object in the Editor or associated edit object window. Previously this opened object Team Coding details.
    The ‘Code Collections’ toolbar button and menu items have been removed. You may need to do a ‘Restore Defaults’ from the right click menu on the main toolbar to see the changes.