Beta Released (

Team Coding:

  • Schema Browser Team Coding Menu: The Schema Browser Team Coding menu has changed. There is now a ‘Team Coding’ menu for controlled objects with the Team Coding status displayed in parentheses. The Team Coding sub menu displays all Team Coding menu items, with only the available items selected.
  • Team Coding Status is now displayed in the Schema Browser status bar.
  • Schema Browser and Editor Team Coding Tab: The Schema Browser and Editor now include a Team Coding Tab for controlled objects. This tab displays Team Coding Details, and Team Coding/Code Analysis details if the option is used. If Version Control integration is used, revision history is included. The view differences window may be opened from the Team Coding Tab.
  • Add to Schema Browser Favorites: Objects controlled by Team Coding may be added to the Schema Browser favorites window. A new menu item / tool button in the Schema Browser Favorites window launches the Team Coding Dashboard with an ‘Add to Schema Browser Favorites’ menu item enabled. Code Collections/Objects may be selected and added to the Team Coding Dashboard output window.
  • Option to Automatically Add Object to Team Coding when opening in the Editor/Schema Browser: An Option to automatically add objects has been added to Options – Source Control – Team Coding. If this option is set , an object is automatically added to Team Coding / VCS if the object source is opened in the Editor. A prompt to add option prompts before adding the object automatically.

Team Coding/Source Control:

  • Team Foundation Server Alternate URL: Added an ‘Alternate URL’ field to the Team Foundation Server Configuration Settings. The purpose of this is to provide an alternate URL for users to enter when there is a non standard URL to the Team Project Collection that cannot be correctly built from the Toad Team Foundation Server Configuration Settings. When this value is set, Toad ignores all the other settings (Server, Port, Collection, Virtual Dir, etc) and uses the Alternate URL to build TFS calls to the Team Project Collection on the server. It is recommended that this is only used in the very small number of cases where the URL to the Team Project Collection is not configurable from the normal Toad settings. In this build , this is only available for the Team Foundation Server internal client.