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Beta Notes
CTRL+C on Grid
The grid’s Copy To Clipboard (CTRL+C) code has been dramatically sped up, so I removed the recently added option of launching the Export Dataset dialog for CTRL+C based on number of rows exported. Now, if you want the Export Dataset dialog pre-configured for “Copy to Clipboard”, you can do a Shift+CTRL+C.

SB-Types-Dependencies tab is now broken out into Deps (Uses) and Deps (Used by), similar to other object types in SB. Types with Spec and Body have a separate section on those tabs.

Team Coding
A new option has been added to the “Team Settings” page of the Team Coding Configuration window to optionally recompile object source back into the database when performing an Undo Checkout. When this option is checked, Team Coding will recompile the latest VCS source back into the database. When not checked, it will simply update the editor’s source with the latest VCS source.