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Beta Notes

Editor - Execute Script (F5)

An Errors tab has been added to the Script Output window of the editor. This will provide quick access to error information when executing code as a script.

TNSNames Editor

The TNS Names editor has been redesigned for better overall usability.� The new editor functions similarly to Toad’s internal editor with a main tabbed editor and a navigation panel on the left hand side.� You can still create, edit, clone, and delete entries visually, however this should provide a much cleaner way of working with TNS files directly.

Additional features supported:

  1. Ability to open multiple files, instead of only two
  2. Allows comparing TNS tab contents in Toad’s Compare Files window
  3. Supports multiple TNS entry formats
  4. The LHS navigation panel will show when multiple items exist for a node. When viewing in host mode, this can be useful in detecting duplicate TNS entries with different names

Automation Designer Code Tester

Test definitions are now grouped by database object when adding new items to Code Tester action.

The new TNSNames Editor is great! Much more betterer (you know what I mean) to use now. :slight_smile: