TOAD SQL Editor: an unknown functionality

I don’t know if this has been posted before (I haven’t seen it).
Yesterday, I found that in one of my servers the tnsnames.ora was corrupted because someone updated it manually, and missed to put a closing or opening parenthesis on the entry he created or updated. Since this is 500+ lines file, checking every entry manually was a very time-consuming and error-prone process.
Then, I remembered that the SQL editor in my old friend TOAD has this matching parenthesis feature for SQL statements, and even though a tnsnames entry has no similarity at all to a SQL statement, I had nothing to lose by trying.
And it worked!; I cut and pasted the text in my SQL Editor, and I could spot the culprit in no time, just looking on the left side of the Editor, every entry showed a beginning and end, except por this one that didn’t have a closing parenthesis, so the left side was empty because the Editor didn’t know where the entry finish.
Hope, this can help someone.

You gotta love it! Very handy. J

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