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Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Porting bugs which caused an access violation when running in 64 bit mode on Windows 10 when calling the formatter and options GUI, probably due to an upgrade to .NET 4.5.


A slight change to the “Save source files in Unix format” option.

The option has been relabeled “Default EOL Mode” and has radio items for Windows or Unix style.

The mode is the default EOL mode for newly opened Editor tabs.

The EOL mode of an Editor tab can be changed between Window/Unix style using the right-click “EOL Conversion” menu. These items are also available from Toad’s main Edit menu.

Files loaded from disk use the EOL mode of the file.

A status bar indicator displays the EOL mode used for the Editor tab.

All other areas of the product that use the option function as they always have; this change only affects the Editor.

Team Coding/Source Control

Multiple locks can now be broken by a Team Coding Administrator in a batch, rather than one at a time.


“Tile Horizontal Current Connection” and “Tile Vertical Current Connection” menu items have been added to the Window menu (customize or restore toolbars to add them). Only windows for the active session participate in the tiling.

Formatting/Parsing (QP5)

Queries: FLASHBACK clause: support for AS OF clauses in mixed order.

CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG: support for any kind of PARALLEL clause.

ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG: supports the same partitioning clauses as in ALTER TABLE.

GRANT/REVOKE: Indenting ON and TO clauses.

Code Analysis:

  • New Rule 5920 (“Apply the invoker rights method to all stored code that executes dynamic SQL”)
  • Rule 5906 (“Found a literal containing an email address or URL.”) : This customer specific rule has been generalized to recognize email addresses and URLs.
  • Rule 5916 (“Beware of and avoid implicit data type conversions.”) : Will detect many more forms of TO_DATE, TO_TIMESTAMP and TO_CHAR(date).
  • Rule 2812 (“Consider defining subtypes for variables with identical datatypes.”) : This rule was defective.
  • Rule 2131 (“Use CONSTANT keyword wherever possible.”) : Did unexpectedly fire on an object method invocation.

Code Analysis

Simplified the user interface for the Code Analysis action. The new interface will allow you to specify a location and a base filename. Then, simply just check the export formats you wish and the Code Analysis action will create those files with the base report name and the appropriate file extension.


Navigator tooltip shows text for the node under mouse.

Ahhhhh…that feels better.

Thanks for the new beta!


Ask and ye shall receive. Send money and we’ll gift wrap.

I thought beer was the currency of the realm in Toadland

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