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Beta Release 14.1.22 is now available


Change Log

"Single Column Export" as "In " list to clipboard lost ")"
2020-12-08 13_28_40
2020-12-08 13_29_41-Greenshot

I see that. Thank you. I'll fix it.

CheckBox "export selected rows only" in "Single column export to multiple files" doesn't affect resultset

I saw that too, thank you. It is fixed already for next beta.

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Unlike previous updates. this one required answering an additional prompt, "Repair", "Change", "Remove". It's the same prompt received when setup is re-run on an existing installation on a typical Windows program.

Update went ok, but curious about why suddenly the extra prompt?

Hi lob,

That should only happen if the MSI's product code is the same between both versions. I just checked them locally and they were different. In my local tests, the beta upgrade from 14.1.10 to 14.1.22 went through normally. Are you sure you ended with the version, or are you still on the version?



I had the same repair issue this month, I thought it was me. Maybe it a bug?


Definitely ended up at 778. I don't know what the preceding version was, but I downloaded this file today and ran it, as I typically do.