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MainFormOnTaskbar (Application setting, not specific to Toad), now set to true. What does this mean to me? Some examples:

  • Toad can now be shared as an "application" in MS teams, possibly Skype, and others
  • When Toad is moved to a non-primary monitor, the taskbar icon now sticks to that monitor
  • When Toad is minimized on a non-primary monitor - it now shows as minimized on that monitor
  • Toad shows as an application in windows features such as [Window Button] + [Right]
  • The hover text over Toad's Windows task bar icon must now match the text in Toad's title bar.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Toad now shows parallel slaves correctly on RAC
  • Collation added to Team Coding script options
  • Script grid hint now displays only on tab, not over grid
  • DB Health Check was attempting to create multiple indexes by same name
  • DB Health Check wasn't finding the filesystemio_options parameter
  • Access Violation when attempting to filter data grid after connection timeout


  • Toad no longer shows the "mini" log in window when bad passwords are entered or a connection error occurs, rather the full login window.
  • Option added to SB-Views to show invisible columns
  • The "Can't Initialize OCI. Error -1" message will now give more helpful information (similar to TNS error dialog)
  • Toad now gives opportunity to correct the password or unlock user on test/reconnect
  • Lowercase filename option added to Generate Schema Script