Beta Released (15.1.29)

Beta Release 15.1.29 is now available.


Change Log

In the Data Grid when i try to change the "code" value i have error "Access Violation" if table has field with nested table based on Oracle object type.


create or replace type tparams force as object(name varchar2(256 char), value varchar2(256 char))

create or replace type tparamstable as table of tparams

create table test_edit_table_with_nt
  id integer generated as identity constraint test_edit_table_with_nt_pk primary key,
  code integer default 0,
  nested_tbl tparamstable
nested table nested_tbl
  store as test_edit_table_with_nt_nested_tbl;

insert into test_edit_table_with_nt(code, nested_tbl)
     values (0, tparamstable(tparams('name', 'value')));

select rowid, t.*
  from test_edit_table_with_nt t;