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Beta update not downloading after


Beta download update 64 bit are not downloading after

I have attempts from inside and outside corporate network, from two computers, and with different browsers.


How did you get that far? I’m stuck at check for update does not respond.



Microsoft’s Central US data center has been having some issues since yesterday morning. It is affecting Toad World and our hosted files at the moment.


Toad’s Check for Update was not working reliably for me, possibly because of our company proxy. Occasionally I do get an update prompt in the footer bar, but now I stop by the forum most days to check for updates.


Downloads are flowing again, but the file being downloaded is the .50 beta. :frowning:


Download works. New problem: Windows Installer reports “The upgrade patch cannot be installed […verify correct patch]”.

I overwrite the patch .msp, so I cannot tell what version I am getting.


At this point would suggest uninstalling the beta then installing the base followed by the most recent patch


Download problem wasn’t on my end. I am now receiving the .57 beta when downloading directly from your M$ cloud service.


It was still fallout from the Azure outage, Doug. We weren’t able to upload the beta patch installers since .50. All should be good from here on until they have another outage. :slight_smile:


I held off on the reinstall, waited for the next update (0.57), and that patched successfully (from 0.50 to 0.57). Back to the races!


Happy to hear it… glad you did not take my advice :wink: