Latest 32-bit patch


When I try to install the latest patch (TOADORACLE_BETA_12_X86.MSP) to Toad for Oracle 12 beta, I get the following error:

–Mitchell Sacks

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Maybe you didn’t get the whole download. For a while now I have not been able to download updates from within Toad. The download starts and gets to a certain point and then stalls. I have to download the beta update from a browser and that ussually takes a couple of tries too.

How are you trying to download the patch - thru Toad directly or the website? I just downloaded the latest from and it worked correctly.

There is a lot of work being done right now related to Forums and Toad World, so there have been some issues with that as of late - sorry for any inconvenience.

Oh - here’s something to try as well. There is a bug that when connecting to these forums and you close out Toad, the Toad process will remain running. Close Toad, and bring up the Task Manager and check to make sure there are no Toad processes running - if there are, end them. Then try running the beta update. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed soon.