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Better Functionalities to edit code

Good day
I always use TOAD and it's great!
In the last 10 years I use it for PL SQL development and I would like there to be better functionalities in the editor when programming the code.
"IntelliJ IDEA" from JetBrains is a very good reference when it comes to code editing.

Thank you so much.

What features in particular do you like in Intellij IDEA that you don't have in Toad?

font ligature support

You mean like this?

I had no idea what a ligature font was, so I googled it, found one, installed it into windows, and selected it in Toad options.

JetBrains Mono used in TOAD and GitKraken:

There is not equal:

There is parameter:

It changed for me:

Check this:

and then make sure that all of these are set to "default" (or you could explicitly set them to Jet Brains Mono if you want)

Good day !

I give you a link to a video in which you see some ideas that could be implemented in TOAD.
The video shows some functionalities that help the code developer a lot in his tool.

Editor Tips and Tricks in IntelliJ IDEA (2020)


I mean:
not equal in TOAD:
Not equal in TOAD
nor equal in GitKraken:
Not equal in GitKraken
parameters in TOAD:
Parameters in TOAD
parameters in GitKraken:
Parameters in GitKraken

Ok, I get it now.

The developer who knows most about our editor component is out. I'll log this for him to look at when he returns.

Thank you.