Bind variable "eff_date" not declared

hi have an issue where by I recently changed laptop, and the variable window wont pop up.
My setting are all identical to my team, anybody any idea how I can trigger this ?

usually by having the sentence below in the statement it prompts to ask for start date and enddate
and eff_dte between :StartDate and :EndDate

It's hard to say exactly what's happening without seeing it, but maybe some prior saved variable is causing a problem.

Variables are stored in:

C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAMEAppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\17.0\User Files\Variables.dat

Of course, your Toad version may differ. Rename this file while Toad is not running and I think the problem will be fixed.

If you send us the old file and your SQL, we'll try to reproduce and fix the problem. You can send to

I found the file you are refering to when you say rename it what should I rename it to ?

Anything. The point is so Toad can't find it anymore.

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