Bookmarks and formatter


Is there any way to keep the bookmarks between formating (it cleans the bookmarks even if the line didn’t changed)?



Hi Filipe,

Thanks for pointing this out. There is a bug there actually. The bookmarks all move to the top the text after formatting. We will fix it by restoring their absolute positions. ie., every bookmark keeps its line number after formatting no matter the relative text moves or not. Any bookmark which has a line number greater than the max line number after formatting will be removed.


This appears to be happening again. Any fixes planned? I haven’t ugraded to 4.3 because alias highlighting doesn’t work in the newest version.

Hi Mark,

Which version of Nav are you using?

we didn’t have 4.3 for Nav.


Oops. Wrong forum. I’m using toad datapoint 4.2

Mark Huston

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Hi Mark,

Which version of Nav are you using?

we didn’t have 4.3 for Nav.


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