Bookmarks disappearing - why?

Why does the bookmark disappear when the code line is deleted?

This is a bug? If not a bug then what is the use of this "feature"?

This thing has been a problem for me many many times.

The bookmarks should be "attached" not to the code but to the lines of the file or something. Or maybe yes - to the code, but if the code is deleted, no way the bookmark also should be deleted :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback. I can confirm for you that this is a bug. It works in v6.7 not sure why it’s broken since 7.0, anyway we will try to add it back with SQLNAV-1546.

Thanks again for your reporting,


Hi Martin,

The bookmark will be kept now in latest beta build even you delete the whole line, hope that will not bother you anymore. :slight_smile:

BTW for you great idea to save bookmark with file, we haven’t got time to implement it yet, but we still consider to do it later, thanks again for all your great ideas. :slight_smile: