Bookmarks and Formatting

After formatting code (Ctrl-Shift-F), bookmarks (Ctrl-Shift-1..9) loses their positions.
This problem is old and very annoying.

I am on Toad Beta 15.0.47 and I'm seeing them retain (mostly) their positions. It looks like they are off by 1-character in my simple test.

Before formatting I've set a bookmark on each line just before the "1" in 1=1 as indicated by the red line.

After formatting they are just after the "1" in 1 = 1 as indicated by the red line.

Please post a sample and indicate where your bookmarks are defined before and after formatting.

Script text already formatted.

Set mark and invoke formatting.

  1. Before formatting

  2. After formatting

Thanks, yes I do see problems now when the text has already been formatted. I will log this as I'm not seeing it logged in our tracking system currently.

Correction, I was reminded that this has been logged before. We will investigate.

How is the investigation progressing?

There were several problems with bookmark, breakpoint, and error positions following a format that have been resolved. Next week's beta will include the fix.

Thank You so much!

You're welcome. Post back if you hit any snags. I ran through every test case I could think of and everything seems to be OK.

Thank You again!


Almost done.

When mark set at empty line, it jumps to line with text after formatting.