Bug: date format is reset after Execute package in Schema Browser

Set the Date Format in the TOAD options “Data Grids => Data” to:
For instance ‘dd-mm-yyyy
Save the option.

Go to the schema browser, execute a packageprocedure with an argument with date type Date:
In the anonymous block it creates a variable for the argument with to_date(…,‘DD-MON-RR’).
(= the NLS_DATE_FORMAT of the session)

Press ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’. (It doesn’t matter)

When you go back to the TOAD options “Data Grids => Data”, you will notice that the Date Format is reset to the system Default. d/m/yyyy

This happens in TOAD

My request is that the “execute packageprocedure” should not reset the data grids option, but instead use it rather than the NLS_DATE_FORMAT.

Hope you can reproduce it.

I can reproduce this. It will be fixed in 13.2. it was actually grabbing the windows date format, so you can avoid the problem now by making Toad’s date format = windows date format.