Bug in 6.8 (64 bit) - Object Details -> Data tab -> quick export to excel. App exports grid from editor instead


  • SQL Editor, I ran a query and Toad returned the data in a grid below the editor
  1. Double-clicked on a table to bring it in the Object Details
  2. Clicked on the Data tab to view its data
  3. Right-clicked on the Object Details Data grid, selected Quick Export -> File -> Excel
  4. When I open the excel file, the excel file contains the data returned by the query in the grid.
    Please fix this bug!


FYI, I reported the same bug a while ago: https://www.toadworld.com/products/toad-for-sql-server/f/14/t/32247 but it seems that it hasn’t been fixed in 6.8.

Please note that I don’t like to display the Object Details in the main window along with the other editors. I like it on the right side.

There is more to this.

When I press Shift+F4 to open the details about an object, in this particular case a sql view, Toad creates a new tab beside the other tabs. Now, I had a table opened in Object Details on the right side of the Toad window, and I opened a new tab to view the data of sql view when I pressed Shift+F4. When I clicked on the refresh button on the sql view object details (which, again, it was created as a tab along with the other editors), Toad refreshed the table data on the right side instead of the view data.

So it seems that there is something weird going on that, the actions that get executed upon clicking the object details buttons are mixed up.

Please fix this issue as well!


Hi costabas,

I’m sorry you are still getting this issue in 6.8.

Did you open a support ticket with our Technical Support team for these issues? This is the most direct way to ensure they will be submitted to our development team as a Change Request.

While our development team do monitor this forum from time-to-time, you are more guaranteed a fix if you open a support case through Toad. If you haven’t done this before, go to Help | Support Bundle. This will collect information about your Toad version plus some environment info and generate an email which you can send direct to our Tech Support team.



Quoting Skila Zheng:

Very sorry for confusing you by this issue, I can reproduced it and created issue TSS-1413. Our developer will fix it as soon as possible