Bug when exporting data from grid inside Object Details

I have came across a strange bug.

Here is the context.

I have a query editor open and I ran a query select * from Table1. The data is displayed in the grid.

In the object explorer window I selected a table, let’s call it Table2, I right-clicked and I selected View Details to display the Object Details window and to look at the Table2 data. Eventually it is displayed, I clicked on the Data tab, I see the data, I right-clicked inside the grid and I selected Quick Export -> File ->Excel File. When I opened the spreadsheet I noticed that Toad exported the data from Table1 instead of the data from Table2 which is displayed in Object Details!!

Could you please look into this and fix it?

Thank you

Hi costabas,

Very sorry for confusing you by this issue, I can reproduced it and created issue TSS-1413. Our developer will fix it as soon as possible

Follows is a temporary solution:

Please enter Option | Explore | General ,uncheck “Use object details to display details” option ,and than click OK button

When you do the operations you post , will export the right table .

Hope to help you!

Skila Zheng

Thank you. When is the fix going to be available?

Also, if I make the change you suggested, what happens when I select View Details on a table?


Hi costabas,

Please see the follow picture, if you uncheck the 'Use object details to display details' option , will no longer show the View Details window and the table's details will show up in the main window

Hope to help you!

Skila Zheng