Bug (?) showing freshly created materialized views (TOAD 16.2)

Hi all,

whe I create a new materialized view with "build deferred" and "using trusted constraints", the script shows up in the schema browser without trusted constraints until it has been refreshed.

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HI Rainer,

I just tested this and can reproduce it. The value that Toad uses for "using trusted constraints" is when dba_mviews.unknown_trusted_fd = Y. You can see it's N before a refresh and Y after.


I'll look for somewhere else to get that info. If you know of another place, please let me know.

Edit: I see I can use SYS.SNAP$.FLAG2, if you have privs. Those kinds of fields are always tricky though.


Hi John,

I feared that the information comes from the flag UNKNOWN_TRUSTED_FD... That's why I put a question mark in the subject of my new topic. You are right, before refresh it has the value N, which is an Oracle bug for me. I did some Google research, but I found no better place to get the info about the trusted constraints.

If you can do anything using SYS.SNAP$.FLAG2 (I don't know anything about that stuff) - very good. If not, it does not matter...

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Hi Rainer,

This query seems to return the correct value both before and after the refresh. Can you confirm?

select sowner, vname, decode(bitand(s.flag2, 65536), 65536, 'Y', 'N') using_trusted_constraints from sys.snap$ s

John, I can exactely confirm your statement. Whenever you have the time to change that in TOAD, it would make me happy :slight_smile:

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Hi Rainer,

Thanks. It will be in next beta.

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Yeah, in TOAD 16.3 now it works perfect. Thank you John!

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