Materialized view creation with Toad wizard

Hallo, I’m using Toad Freeware 12.10, and when I create a new materialized view from Schema Browser (Create button) the wizard window appears with the Ok Button disabled.

This button remains disabled even if I write the view name and I compile the Query tab with the correct query parsing done.

So actually I can create a mat.view only with a ddl script. I DON’T have the same problem with creation of a normal view or a table, the Ok button appears enabled with the wizard window.

Creation of a mat.view with a ddl script completes normally without any kind of errors.

I wait for your feedbacks please.

Thanks to all,


It’s a freeware limitation. The message when the Create MV window opens should explain that more clearly. I’ll correct it. Thanks.

Right, no message about it appears, only a message about partitioning.

Thank you very much for your reply and your attention,