Materialized View in the Schema Browser

Hello Everybody,

I have a problem in the schema browser on the right side – especially with materialized views.

Please have a look at the screenshot below:

If I refresh the matview on the right side, Toad show me this error.

If I refresh the matview on the left side and jump to that view, Toad don´t show me an error.

It is also not possible to jump backwards to that matview with the following button:


Can anyone help me?


whats your TOAD version, and whats your oracle database version ?


Toad 12.7 and Oracle

Does this happen only with MVs that are not in your login schema?

What do you mean with “login schema”?

Objects can be only dropped as schema owner.

Well, it looks like you are trying to drop a MV owned by schema VH. So I was wondering if you were logging in as VH or a different user when you see that “does not exist” message.

I was logged in as VH as I tried to drop the MV.

oops, it looks like we are talking about your other thread. In this one, you started off talking about a “materialized view does not exist” message. I guess you are also logged in a VH for this one too, but unfortunately, I can’t reproduce either one.

Will you turn on spool SQL and show me the SQLs that lead up to the “materialized view does not exist” message? Thanks.

Looks like both of these problems (the drop and the “does not exist”) message are caused by Team Coding. I will have it fixed in the next beta.