Bug: Toad Edge 2.0.9: Queries with bind variables don't work

Bind variables are a documented feature of Toad Edge (https://support.quest.com/technical-documents/toad-edge/2.0.9/user-guide/8#TOPIC-1189222).

A simple query with a bind variable works in 2.0.2:

select ?

We have been upgraded to 2.0.9, where this fails with an error:

ERROR: syntax error at end of input Position: 9
Executed Statement:
select ?;

Execution Started: 16:26:59
Execution Time: 0 ms

Hi, it should work in version 2.1.0, please try it and let us know.
thank you
Miroslav Stanik

Hi, it should work in version 2.1.0, please try it and let us know.

Unfortunately it is far from being that easy. Our production environment is highly regulated. It costs us GBP1500 every time we need to get new software or upgrades validated and installed for use. We cannot afford to install an endless cycle of monthly patches to fix bugs, particularly when—for the second occasion—the "bug" involves a regression that breaks a pre-existing feature that influenced our decision to purchase Toad Edge.

Failure of bind variable functionality is not listed as known issue in the 2.0.9 release notes, nor is its restoration documented in the 2.1.0 release notes. We need release notes to list all known problems and all resolved issues so we can determine whether the internal cost of upgrading is justifiable.

Hi, we are really sorry for inconvenience, this regression happened due to internal refactoring.
i have sent you a message with all issues fixed in version 2.1.0.
Miroslav Stanik