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Toad size to small

Hi All,

I have a new pc and I'm using the Toad version 10.6 but I see everything very small (letters, items in the tool bar...).

Here you can see the screenshot:

Could tou please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Victoria,

Welcome to the Toad/Oracle forum.

Newer workstations/PCs have way higher resolutions these days, and you're running a very old version of Toad/Oracle which would not support adequately these higher res monitors.

Please upgrade to the latest version of Toad when you can. In the meantime, you may want to test different screen resolution settings. Also pay attention to font scaling settings, as I've noticed that some products (not just Quest's) have issues if the scaling goes above 150%.

Hope this helps.

In addition to what Gary said (thanks Gary)

To make the toolbars buttons larger, you can right-click and choose "customize" then check this:

That won't fix everything but maybe it will help. Gary's right, your Toad version is quite old and I think an upgrade will really solve this.