reclaimable MB is (sometimes) greater than free MB

Menu: Tablespaces, Files, Calculate Reclaimable MB

The Result shows sometimes values which are greater than free MB shows.

Trying to shrink these files will result in an error.

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Are you using the beta? I know that for some users, this was a problem in 12.10 but I thought it was fixed in the beta.

If you are using the beta, uncheck “Use DBA_LMT_FREE_SPACE” at the top and then try again. We optionally use this data dictionary view because for some users, DBA_FREE_SPACE is unbearably slow. The only problem with DBA_LMT_FREE_SPACE is that it does not take into account objects that are in the recycle bin.

If you aren’t on the beta, you can (or even if you are), emptying the recyclebin should take care of it.