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Can "Hover over" for the hidden tabs be disabled?

Toad Data Point v 3.3

Can the “hover over” function for Auto Hidden tabs be disabled?

Countless times I’m editing my query in the Editor and I mouse up and “catch” the auto hidden Object Explorer, Connection & Navigation managers disrupting my work. I just put up with it until I recently deleted a connection b/c i was trying to delete something from my editor and the focus had somehow/quickly moved to the Connection Manager and I flew through the warning prompts. Probably the 20th time I had started to delete a connection in this manner. This time just flew through the stop sign.

I just now thought about moving the tabs over to the right hand side bar. Might try that but not a fan of the involuntary interruptions in any event.

Tried looking in Options with no luck.



To CPK_Premier,

Thank you for your input of Toad Data Point 3.3. Unfortunately, the tabs are designed to expand upon mouse hover-over and there is no setting to prevent the tabs from expanding.

As you have noted, you are able to drag and drop the panes to rearrange them as you desire. You can have the auto-hidden tabs placed on any of the four sides. Simply drag your frame and drop it over an icon with a triangle to dock the pane in the triangle’s direction. Then push the auto-hide button (the tack icons) on the tab to minimize the frame to a smaller auto-hidden tab.

Thank you for using Toad Data Point 3.3

To CPK_Premier,

We understand that this is an important feature that can empower you to work more effectively. I have created a task for our team named “QAT-855: Disable Mouse Hover-Over Expansion of Auto-Hiding Tabs (Enhancement).”

We thank you for your patronage.