Way to make all tabs appear in one pane?!

This is driving me crazy. I’m using TDA 2.7 and unlike previous versions of TOAD, the viewer and any editors are never all visible in a tab strip. If I have two editors and the viewer open I can CTRL+TAB between the editors, but if I want to go back to the viewer I have to go to the Window menu and select it, or press the 1-Understand button to view it.

If I have connections to multiple servers than each server’s editors are only available in their own tab strip.

Maybe it’s just getting used to it but I’d prefer to see all open things at once and switch between them quickly.

Thanks very much,

I agree with Jeffrey’s post. I keep trying the latest version, but only use 2.5.1 because I want the viewer tab with all the others.

The behaviour you are talking about is the standard configuration. We have docuement groups the the windows are hidden that are not in the current document group. Also, windows from different server connections are hidden.

To change this preference, go to the tool bar and choose the Configuration Wizard from the configuration toolbar. Using the custom type go to the page i show in the screenshot and uncheck the two like I have. This should keep the Navigation Manager and group buttons but not hide the windows.

I am offering a new layout in TDA 3.0 that does not use these preferences.



Thank you so much! I knew that there had to be a way to do it, and you’ve made my life so much simpler. (Amazing what the little things can do, eh?) Your answer was exactly what I needed.