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Query Tab has Disappeared


My query tab has disappeared and I cannot find what I need to get it back. The diagran and results tabs are there. Any thoughts?



R-click over another tab and select “configure desktop layout” Is it checked? If so, are there arrows on the right side of your lower tab panel? You might have to scroll sideways to get back to it.


I was thinking he was in the Query Builder b/c he mentioned


I was assuming you were in the Editor, but you could be in the Query Builder now that I re-read your message.


If Brad’s advice doesn’t work, a screenshot might help us figure out
what you’re experiencing.


Yes, I am in Query Builder.


Toad version?


I am not quite sure how to add my screenshot. The normal process is not working. (I don’t usually work in IE.)


Sorry guys, just realized i am in the Toad group and not TDA.


You can just insert an image using your email client…

I’ve never managed to hide those panels before, so I’m not sure how
you would get them back.


No worries. That Toad has an auto-hide property for the tabs in the Query

In the Options, on the Query builder page, hit the ‘Restore default
layout’ button. That should fix it for you.

If not, try the TDA community.



Do you mean in the editor? If so, right-click on the row of tabs to show/hide
the tabs.