Trial Version Limitations


I have downloaded Toad Data Modeller and am evaluating it's suitability. I note that when attempting to generate an data model report, I can only published a pdf.

Are there limitations to what can be published?

Hi Sandy,

In full version of Toad Data Modeler can be data model reported to HTML, RTF and PDF.

In freeware version is allowed only PDF report. You can evaluate all three reports in trial version. Both (freeware and trial) are limited to 25 reported entities.



Hi Mario,

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any way to evaluate what functionality of the report publishing to HTML. I am very familiar with Erwin and would like to see at a minimum, a diagrammatic representation of the model along with the Entity, Attribute and descriptions.

Hi Sandy,

Looks like you have a freeware version. If you want try trial version with HTML report, download current TDM version 7.0.

Trial Version is first 30 days. Trial and Freeware version has same MSI installer from TDM version 6.5. So if you want to try it you will download MSI and you have 30 days to try with some restriction in model size. After this period it will switch to freeware. If you have already switched to freeware you can install it to another machine.