How to only generate the ER diagrams in RTF report


We are creating workspaces group by our application functionality and want to generate report that will contain only the ER diagrams for all the workspaces, Can we do that in modeler and what are the steps to follow (I am trying reports and only able to get a table/column attributes in report but we only want to show diagrams of all the workspaces in 1 word document)


Hello Harvinder,

It is not possible to generate image of ERD in RTF report. However, you can export each ERD (from each WS) to image. Select File | Export to Graphic File. Then, import the images to your word doc.

Note: You can also generate HTML report for your ERDs if you don’t mind the HTML format. In the Report Wizard, you would select HTML, go through other steps in the wizard - on page What to Report Deselect All OTPs and click Next. On page Options make sure All Workspaces are selected in the Select Workspace box and the Generate ER Diagram checkbox.
The final report will have default Model Info page plus ER Diagram page with all ERDs of all Workspaces of your model.

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.



How do you fix the not enough resources error message that appears when I am trying to generate the ERD only.



what version of TDM are you using, please? You can try to export image to other formats, e.g. PNG 8 bit.