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Toad 3.8 - Possible to default to "All Results" view in editor grid?

Thank you TOAD team for adding the functionality to see multiple query results in a single results grid. Is it possible to default to this view?

Hi, It’s already possible !


Editor Menu, choose “Windows” (at the bottom) and “group execute”

When enable, buttons appear on the upper right of the “Group Execute window”

No, I think you misunderstood my original post. In an editor window, I can highlight multiple queries, and run them. Usually, each query shows as a seperate dataset within a new editor results tab. New with 3.8 is the addition of the “All Results” dataset. I am asking if, when executing multiple queries within a single editor, if we can default the results view to this “All Results” set.


I put in QAT-6896 so we can discuss this

The way we wrote it the feature is it will only display when you have the option on. And then when you use F5 to execute a script and have multiple sets it will stack them. See the option below. are you asking that single executes keep stacking themselves? Or is using the setting with F5 workable for you?



why don’t you use SQL command UNION or UNION ALL ??

UNION and UNION ALL only apply for like data sets (same datatypes and same # of columns). It wouldn’t work for totally unrelated data sets.

I don’t understand utility of merging heterogeneous datasets.

Would you explain your idea ?

This doesn’t merge them, it just shows the together at the same time. SQL Management Studio has done this for years (much better than even Toad’s recent implementation). As an analyst, I’m constantly looking at tons of disparate but related data, and this just speeds up the process.