Export Dataset -> Display all results in grid -> Default Value not saved

If i have a dataset with more than 500 rows and choose to exprot the dataset the Display all results in grid Checkbox isn't checked.
I understand that this is the default behavior as soon as there are more rows than displayed in the data grid, but even if i check the option it is only temporary. As soon as i rerun the statement and choose the export function again, the option is unchecked.
Isn't it possible to change that option, so it will remember the last setting and reload that?
I use Toad for Oracle

Thanks for any help

13.2 will remember last used setting for Display all Results.

You can grab the beta here if you want Toad for Oracle 13.2 Beta.

Keep 13.1 installed if you download the beta. Beta only works if most recent production version is also installed. The beta will grab settings from 13.1 the first time you run it, but from that point forward, 13.1 and beta will each keep their own settings.

Thanks for the fast reply!
Do you know when the 13.2 Version will be released?

I don't have an exact date, but it should be fairly soon - Sept or Oct.