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Freeware for MySQL and Oracle


Is there any limitation on downloading and using Toad for MySQL Freeware and Toad for Oracle?


There should be no reason that you can have them both installed at once, if that's what you mean.


Sorry for the confusion in my question. I was told that the Freeware version of Toad for Oracle and MySql are not truly free and there is limitation on how many can be downloaded and what they are used for
Do you know if there is any term and condition document so I can review?


They are truly free.

TFO (not sure about MySQL but I think it is the same) starts off as trial (full featured) and then after 30 days if you don't buy a license, it turns into freeware and then the premium features don't work any more.

There may be such a document somewhere but I don't know where offhand. Probably with the download.


Thanks for your response


you're welcome. If someone told you they aren't truly free, please gently set them straight.

This "trial that turns into freeware" concept is relatively new to Toad. I think somehow some people got the idea that they are obligated to buy a license after the trial, but this is false. After the 30 days, your choices are a) pay for a license, b) use feature limited freeware, or c) stop using Toad (gasp!)