can not access main toad window


My Toad version is I made a change in one of the toad options and now can not remember what it was… After the change, When I startup Toad, I can see it in my taskbar below, but the window is not displayed. Tried resize/maximize options by right clicking the minimized window in the task bar, but it does not help. First I thought it was my monitor settings, but all other applications are able to open and display their windows correctly.

Any help will be appreciated!


I am not sure what you’re trying to say. But if the problem is that on
connection/launch toad no longer auto opens the window you want – then
simply go to options->windows->and look at the auto open column. All those
checked will auto open – and the drop down box below that will let you
specify which of all the auto opens will be in the front ….