Can you convert Code Templates to Code Snippets systematically?

I am a former user of Toad Data Point. I switched to Toad for Oracle a few years ago due to license changes at my organization, and at that time I had to recreate all of my Code Snippets as Code Templates (I believe at that time, the version I had only let me access Code Templates, and not Snippets, with the Ctrl+Spacebar hotkey). Now, I’ve moved into a new role and I need to access both Oracle and Teradata databases, so I’ve had to switch back to Toad Data Point.

My question is this…I don’t want to recreate all of my Code Templates as Code Snippets manually unless there’s absolutely no other option, as I have dozens of them. The Import/Export functionality doesn’t seem to work because they are formatted differently (one is XML and the other is SQL). Is there any systematic way to convert Templates to Snippets, even if its using some third party application?

The Ctrl+Spacebar menu is populated differently in the two products. In Toad for Oracle, it uses one file which is EditorCodeTemplates.xml in UserFiles. For Toad Data Point we use individual snippet files located in App data dir. C:\Users%Profile%\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 5.0\Templates\Snippets, They are not the same format so I don’t see any way to easily convert them.

Thanks for responding, Debbie. It sounds like I will just have to manually copy them over, but at least I know there’s no other way for sure now.