Can you customize SQL Recall with extra fields?

Wondering if there is a way to add in figures like the number of results received from a query, errors if a query bombs out or has bad formatting, or add notes based on the results.

I am coming from Teradata SQL Assistant and have found these some minor little things useful over in that program. It's nice because if you can help remind yourself of things like "Okay, I know I ran this query in the first week of February and I got around 72 results, which one is it?" and see things that fit that so you can find old SQL you may not remember exactly when or what you did after running 100s or 1000s of queries a month.

As a user myself, I like the idea of adding some other useful columns or indicators (e.g. valid or no, fave flags, num rows returned, personal notes, etc.)

Documenting internally for our R&D teams to consider for future releases... thanks for sharing!