Can you please add "copy filename/path" to right mouse menu?

I have a lazy request. My text editor has this, so I often misatakenly do it in TOAD too.

Can you add a "copy filename/path" to right mouse menu? This would place the path and filename of the current file in the editor into the clipboard.

I did add it to the external tools, but the right menu make sense under the copy section.


I thought this was already on the rt-click menu over the file's tab, but I see that it is not. Would it be OK to put it on that tab's rt-click menu, instead? That menu you show is already EPIC. I use this feature in Visual Studio Code all the time and they have it on the tab's context menu as well as the document explorer.

@mstaszew Haha, I thought that too! I think we are thinking of Options -> Editor -> Behavior -> "Display file path as tab hints".

@marc_109 BTW, if you have Toad 17.0, you can remove whatever menu items you don't want in that popup by clicking the "Customize this menu" item at the very bottom.

I just saw this an hour ago. I was like "cool!!"

But I do use most. I do not use Team Coding. I would like to, but TOAD works with GITHub differently than what I like. (git blame would be awesome, but that is a different topic)