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Cannot connect to Teradata: Command did not complete within the time specified (timeout)

I installed Toad Data Point version 3.8 on Win 7 a few weeks ago. I’ve never had Data Point before. Setting up connections to Oracle and Teradata was easy. Thanks for that.

The Oracle connection has never failed. Every few days TDP is unable to connect to Teradata. If it fails once in the day it continues to fail for the rest of the day. Tomorrow it connects as it should.

I use the LDAP mechanism when connecting to Teradata. When the connection works it takes only 2-4 seconds to connect.

The error message is–

[DataSource.Error] Teradata: [.NET Data Provider for Teradata] [100038] Command did not complete within the time specified (timeout).

Restarting TDP doesn’t help and rebooting the box doesn’t help. The default connection timeout was 15 and I changed it to 120, restarted TDP, and get the same error. Now the timeout is set to 60 and it returns the same error. ( tools/options/database/timeouts )

I can connect to Teradata with no problems using Teradata SQL Assistant. It takes only a couple seconds. Each time TDP fails I verify the connection with SQL Assistant then disconnect.

Teradata’s TTUProductsList.exe shows these items

  • Active Release 15.10
  • Teradata Data Connector
  • ODBC Driver for Teradata
  • .NET Data Privider for Teradata
    Thanks in advance for the help.

It looks like you use Teradata .Net provider.

Could you create ODBC connection with Teradata and check if it has the same behavior?

To do that please open Create New Connection dialog, select ODBC generic group, launch ODBC Data Source Administrator to configure Teradata ODBC connection (it mark by red box on the attached picture).

Please let me know the result.



Thanks for the quick reply Aleksey. I appreciate the suggestion.

Setting up the ODBC connection appears to be pretty easy, but it doesn’t work either.

In my earlier post I neglected to mention that I have access to two login IDs. My personal account uses LDAP, and a production account used TD2. Both of them today throw the timeout error.

I set up ODBC connections for both LDAP and TD2. Both connection attempts (LDAP and TD2) just churn until I hit the Cancel button after a minute or so. Then it churns some more. No message is returned. Finally I use the Windows Task Manager to kill the Toad32 process.


I should have checked before sending my first reply.

Teradata SQL Assistant can also connect via ODBC so I tried connecting there also. It failed for both connections (LDAP and TD2). Perhaps there’s something wrong with the ODBC specifications, but they look pretty idiot proof to me.

Teradata SQL Assistant can still connect using the Teradata driver.

Also, I use SAS to build applications that query the Teradata database, and SAS connectivity works just fine. SAS uses the native Teradata driver and the minimum required parameters are the Teradata Server, Default Database, and user id and password.

Thanks again.


Let’s stick with LDAP connection. That fact that it is timing out infers that you have reached a server but it’s busy and can’t respond. Can you increase your timeout to 240?

The fact that the ODBC connection times outs in the same way as the native provider infers the server is having issues. Is there any firewall or permissions issue that might be in the way? You can ping the server, right?

I increased the timeout to 240 as you suggested and tried to connect using the LDAP connection. It tries for 4 minutes but returns the same error message. (Tools, Options, Databases, Timeouts , Connection Timeout=240)

            Teradata exception: [.NET Data Provider for Teradata] [100002] Cannot create connection within the time specified.

            (Remembered answer: "OK". Enable)

I can connect to the database via Teradata SQL Assistant without any delay. It has Connection Timeout=20 and the same Port Number as Toad, 1025.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Today my Toad->Teradata connectivity works just fine. Toad connected to the database in about two seconds… Clearly it’s a server-side issue.

Please don’t spend any more time with this issue. I’ll work with the server support folks. They’re new to the server and Teradata so it’ll be a learning exercise for them too.

If I find out they changed a setting or something I’ll post it here.

Thanks for your suggestions.


read info…/48536

Thanks for the link Jack. I’ll forward it to our support team to see what they think.


If needed we are now able to trace the Teradata .net provider. So if you run into any other issues let us know and we will turn on tracing for this provider.