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Toad Data Point ODBC db list doesn't populate

Is there a reason an ODBC generic connection to Teradata would not populate a list of databases when it's using the same login that a direct connection will? The generic connection is being used because a file will not import and we're trying to see if it requires the enable legacy parser option. We used another tool to import it and it loaded fine so the issue is specific to TDP.



However the time it takes to load available databases, even when using a filter, is long and unresponsive.

Because we are able to load the data using another utility the question is how TDP is attempting to load it into Teradata that it would return the following error:

Import_LL_Service -
Failed inserting from row #430000 to #433225 without detailed row number info : [Teradata Database] [2802] Duplicate row error in db.table_name. ("data.csv" into "db.table_name")

It's not really clear why TDP becomes responsive when populating the database and table dropdowns.