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We’re using the latest version of TDP professional. We are trying to do data compares using our Teradata connection (which is an LDAP by the way). However, the Teradata objects are not available/visible in the compare wizard. Is this because of the LDAP logon process or are there other issues with the compare functionality and Teradata. We use the compare functionality quite often for our Oracle data, no problems connecting.

Data compare for Teradata should work.

It could be an issue with using LDAP connection. I created a bug report QAT-1998 to track the issue.



I was able to resolve this previous issue but am now encountering another.

At the Data Compare tool, I am able to connect to Teradata as my source and also as my target. It appears to gather all the required objects but when I go to the Select Columns for Comparison display there are no Columns showing up on Source side or on Target side.

Were you connecting Teredata using LDAP?

Could you please try execute the sql on both source and target side to see if returns any row back?

select * from [yourTableName] sample 10