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Cannot export Result set


I’m a longtime TOAD for Oracle user and I just installed Edge for mySQL.

I executed a query and got a result set.
When I try to export it, once I get to Columns panel I see this “No clumns will be exported…” message:

Export from Object browser works fine (I see all object’s columns available).



we are looking at the problem but we are not able to reproduce it. Please could you provide structure of the table you are exporting and version of the database?

Thanks in advance

Premysl Teper
Toad Edge Team


Dear Premysl

I’m executing my query on a 5.5 mySQL instance.
I performed further tests and I’m even more puzzled.
Here’s my query:

,date(cou.endDate) endDate
, quest_id
,qu.title qutit
, quid
FROM questionnaires ques join courses cou on ques.course
join questionnaire_questions_relation qqr on qqr.questionnaire_id =
join questions qu on = qqr.question_id
join answers ans on ans.questionnaire = and ans.question =
ques.submitted > 0
and cou.endDate >= ‘2018-01-01’
and qu.qtype <> ‘open’
and qu.isMandatory = 1;

I saved the query in the evaluation.sql file.
If I open that file I can execute the query but when exporting both the Excluded Data Type and Columns panels are empty:



If I copy/paste exactly the same query in a new worksheet, Export behaves as expected



Thanks a lot for clarifying it. The problem is only on worksheets that are loaded from a file. I’m able to reproduce the problem now.

We will fix the problem.



The problem is already fixed in latest released version of Toad Edge (2.0.6) .
Thanks for your help in improving the Toad Edge.