Toad Edge Preview 2.0.1: Export to SQL: INSERT statements don't contain all columns

Hi there,

in the past I used Toad Mac Edition to access my PostgreSQL server. Since this version is now expired and it is not supported anymore, I’ll have to upgrade to Toad Edge Preview 2.0.1.

My use case is to generate SQL INSERT statements for some selected values in my table. For this I wrote a simple query like “SELECT * FROM users WHERE active=true;”. Then I exported the result set as SQL INSERT statements.

With Toad Edge Preview 2.0.1. I have 15 columns in my export

With Toad Mac Edition I had 16 columns in my export

The annoying thing is, that the missing column is a mandatory column. Therefore my exports are useless.

Some facts about the column which is missing in my export:

  • its name is “version”

  • its type is “integer”

  • it has a default value set which is ‘0’

Does anybody expire the same behavior?

Is there anything I can do here?

Best regards and thank you in advance,


Hi, Thomas,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing any issues.

so far I have unsuccessfully tried to reproduce the problem.

Could you by any chance provide us a little bit more information about the table you are trying to export the data from (e.g. export its create script)?

Kind regards,