"Export did not find any results sets to process"


I have exported results sets many times in the past by right clicking, quick export, etc. but for some reason TOAD is now not recognizing the results set when I highlight the results

and right click the results set to export. The Help says this is because the focus is not on the results but it clearly is. Anyone else have this problem and know what to do?

I really don’t feel like re-loading TOAD.


I have had this issue for the last several days and finally found the cause (I think). I am currently on version and have replicated the issue and can reproduce it. If I leave the result set window docked as part of the main window, I can quick export without any problems. If I undock the result set and move to another screen I can then no longer do the quick export (generates the error in the OP’s subject line). Redock and can quick export, undock and again fail to be able to quick export. I don’t know if it’s my setup or something specific to the UI, but it’s definitely related to having the set docked or not.

Hope that helps anyone having similar issues.


Thank you very much. I create task TSS-867 for can’t quick export when result set undock.

We will discuss how to improve this and keep you update. But maybe this will not be planed in ToadforSQLServer 6.6 Release. If there any question, please feel free to contact us.

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Hi Kman,

Can you please tell me that, which things can we monitor from these two dbcc commands in sql server 2008.



I have executed both commands but i didn’t get properly. please tell me about these commands breafly.

Hi Kman,

This TSS-867 issue has been fixed. Would you like try in next new Beta?

Thank you very much.

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