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Cannot export to Excel linked query when Access-Oracle query used


I’ve built a cross-platform query that uses an Access data source and an Oracle datasource. When I attempt to export the results of this query to an Excel Linked Query, I receive the following error:

Error from ODBC: General ODBC Error
Unable to successfully create query object in Excel.
This may be caused by the MS Query component not being installed or because the ODBC driver for this data provider has invalid connection values. The ODBC driver is tied to a specific installation so multiple database client installations must have the server defined in the installation used by the ODBC driver.

I have been able to export to an Excel linked query using only an Oracle datasources, so I don’t think the issue is related to MS Query not being installed.

Is this something that should be working or is something strange happening with the actual Query syntax that’s generated as part of this process?


That looks like a bug. I entered CR 51,907 to investigate.




Okay. this is fixed and will be in the next Beta build.

Happy Friday