toad thinks I'm trying to export a cross-connection query to Excel, but I'm it's not a cross-connection query

I’m running a simple select * from a small table, and it runs just fine, in Data point If I try to export the results to a linked query in Excel, I’m greeted with an error that says “Direct Connections can not be used with Cross-Connection queries”. But I’m definitely NOT running a cross connection query. Why would Toad think that I am, and how do I get around this?

That error message is wrong. It is still true you can’t use Direct connect with linked query. You need to use an OCI client.

Are you sure you want to use a linked query. That puts your log id and query into the excel and that is often not very secure. Using automation to export data to Excel is used alot instead of Linked Excel.

I'm having the same issue in version "Results containing cross queries cannot be exported to excel using a linked query." And I'm sure I want to use a linked query and not automation.