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Share Excel Linked Queries


I am trying to provide a report to someone that allows them to refresh the data within an Excel file. I’m using Excel 2007 and Toad for Data Analysts 2.6. I followed the directions in the user’s guide “Share Excel Linked Queries”. After writing my SQL, running the script and selecting ‘Excel Linked Query’, an Excel file opens with a workbook named ‘Query’ and no data in the worksheet. I am given an error from Toad of:

Unable to execute linked query.
Excel returned the message: “General ODBC Error”
Error code: 800A03EC

I’m not using ODBC to run the query.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Excel Linked Queries do use ODBC to connect and retrieve the rows. When you use the one-click method in Toad for Data Analysts we create this ODBC connection for you. When you deploy this excel file to an end user they will need to have the same connect setup as you do.

To look in the Excel file and see how the connection is defined, open up the Workbook Connections Definition. This contains the connect data as well as the query. I hope this helps you debug it.



Thanks for the reply - when I look at the connections in the workbook, there is one connection titled ‘blank’. What is the one-click method? I’m not sure that’s what I’m doing.



I don’t need an answer to this - but if anyone knows the answer, let me know. My workaround is to use Microsoft Query and create my own ODBC connection.


**From the grid in the editor or Query Builder you can right click and choose different types of One-Click exports. These are a variety of exports that need no other configuration information. There is also a One-Click tool bar at the top. Sending your query and connect data to Excel as a linked query is automatically set up for you. See screenshot.