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Cannot Find Toad for IBM DB2 Freeware 32bit installer


I am trying to find the installer for Toad for IBM DB2 32bit Freeware installer. I have a 64 bit machine, but my IBM DB2 client is 32 bit.

Whenever I go to the download site, there’s no way to select which bit you want to install.

Thank you!


You can download the 32-bit freeware installer from:


Thank you, Jeff! Appreciate it! So in the future, should I create a new thread each time a new version comes out?


We are seeing that a huge percent of our customers are using 64-bit DB2 clients, so our download page only has that installer.
Hopefully in the future all of our customers will be using 64-bit DB2’s and we will not have a need to support 32-bit.
Until then, yes, please just post in this forum if you need a 32-bit installer.