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Installing different Toad versions on the same system

I’m trying to do an installation of Toad for a user and I have a question. I’m not a Toad user so my knowledge of the app is very limited, so I’d appreciate any feedback! This is a Win7 Enterprise, 64-bit system. User has Toad for IBM DB2 5.5 and has requested Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 as well. I’m not able to install both, I’m getting an error regarding 64 vs. 32-bit installations on the same system. Is there a way around this so that both can be on the system? Any help would be really appreciated!

If an existing DB2 client is installed on a machine, then IBM has a restriction that all other clients to be installed need to be the same bitness.

So if you have installed a 32-bit DB2 client, all other clients must be 32-bit as well.

If you have installed a 64-bit DB2 client then all other clients must be 64-bit as well.

Since Toad DB2 v5.5 installs a DB2 client and Toad Data Analysts also installs a DB2 client - you must pick the same bitness of the DB2 clients within each Toad installation.

You should be able to go to

and download the correct installers.