cannot get to work from command line

The command
“C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 10.5\TOAD.exe” CONNECT=/@REPTPROD EXP=task.txt
will open TOAD but not run a file. (the task.txt is a Windows text file run in a MS-DOS batch job. The command has been running as “C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for OracleTOAD.exe” CONNECT=/@REPTPROD EXP=task.txt on TOAD version for several years, but we wish to upgrade)
Any ideas?

The command line params have changed quite a bit since 8.6. The help file
documents what you need and provides some examples.

after considerable looking around and trying options, I think I’ve got it. Sort of.
The command:
“path_to_TOAD\toad.exe” -c user/pass@reptprod -f “path_to_sql_query\report.sql” /exec
works. But I guess the question now is “what is the command to save a file from the command line”?

You probably need to setup an action to do this. There are some examples in the
help file as well as videos and blogs at

OK - Thanks

Yes – command line mode is being phased out in favor of actions. All
automated tasks should be looking to actions going forward ….