How to run an App through a .bat file Toad for Oracle 16.2?

I created an app in Automation Designer on Toad for oracle version 16.2.
The app simply runs a query, exports the data to a txt file and sends that file through sftp to a website.

I decided to create a .bat file to expedite the use of the app. I was able to open toad and log into my environment but now I have no idea how to run my app through the .bat file. I wasn't able to find any reference of my app in the toad folders and my automations folder is also empty even though I created the folder and the app withing the folder within toad.

Here's what I have so far in my batch file. I used placeholder for readability.

START "" "%toad_path%" -c "user/password@hostname:port/service_name"  

Can anyone help with next steps?

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You can add a parameter like

-a "App1->Export Dataset1"

or just

-a "App1"

If you have passwords saved in your login screen, you don't need to specify the -c stuff. Your action has connection info saved with it, and it will get password from the login window.

Also: you can now post images if needed.

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Oh wow, that was easy, thank you!
For anyone with the same issue here's the code.
My password isn't saved so I have to use the -c command

START "" "C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 2022 R4 Edition\Toad for Oracle 16.2\Toad.exe" -c "user/password@hostname:port/service_name"  -a MyAppName
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